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How to Set Up Stickers

Stickers require a browser source to be installed before stickers will appear on your stream. Follow this guide to get set up.


Give your fans high-fidelity stickers to place directly on your stream in exchange for bits. It's a ridiculously fun way to collect bits and pull viewers into the action.

Viewers react by adding stickers to your stream that appear to everyone watching right where they're placed. And since each sticker is a scarce, unique item, stickers placed on your channel transfer to you so you can spread the love to other streamers.

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To start, update to the latest version of OBS, Xsplit, StreamLabs (SLOBS), or any streaming software that supports browser sources.

Step 1: Install Stickers on Twitch

First, Install Stickers by dot from the Twitch Extension Discovery page.

Install Stickers on Twitch
installing the stickers extension on

Step 2: Configure Your Streaming Software

From the My Extensions tab, click the cog wheel icon to open the Configure panel.

Copy the URL in the Configure panel. This is the link to display stickers as a browser source.

Open your streaming software and create a new browser source.

Paste the URL copied from the Configure panel and set the exact same dimensions as your base canvas resolution.

The stickers source resolution should be exactly the same as the "base (canvas) resolution" of your stream. If you have to drag or align the source at all, the resolution is incorrect. When in doubt, just delete the source and set it up again.

Set the FPS to 60 (to ensure that animations run smoothly), check "Refresh browser when scene becomes active," and delete the default CSS.

Finally, make sure the Stickers source is set as the top-most source (or layer) in every scene and fills the screen completely.

configuring the browser source

Step 3: Configure the Stickers Extension

Return to your extensions page in Twitch (Dashboard > Extensions > My Extensions).

Select "Manage Permissions" at the top of the Installed extensions section.

Under Stickers by dot, ensure that all of the permissions are granted.

"This extension can view my subscriptions list" must be checked for free subscriber tickets to be available.

Finally, click the Activate dropdown under Stickers by dot and select "Set as Overlay 1" to activate Stickers.

That's it! Stickers placed on your stream will now appear to your viewers in real-time on all devices.

activating the stickers extension on

Step 4: Add a Chat Command (optional but neat)

If you run one of the popular Twitch chat bots like Nightbot or Fossabot, add a !stickers command to introduce Stickers to your audience.

Stickers by dot is a Twitch extension that allows anyone to place digital stickers directly on the stream for everyone to see! Here's how it works: move your mouse over my stream and click the Stickers icon at the top. Subs get 2 free stickers each week by clicking on the capsule next to the ticket.